Sebastian “Forsen” Force will not participate in Hearthstone Global Games. The player has kept his promise to abandon the place in the Swedish national team if the audience will vote for Matts “P4wnyhof” Kataga. Previously, Forsen accused P4wnyhof of cheating on Twitch.

Sebastian “Forsen” Force said that he does not blame players who will play for the German national team with Matts “P4wnyhof” Katagom. He noticed that few e-sportsmen can refuse a ticket to an international tournament. Forsen also promised not to watch the championship.

Earlier, Germany’s Sebastian “Xixo” Bentert and Jan “SuperJJ” Jansen refused to play for the German national team. They did not want to play with P4wnyhof in the lineup. P4wnyhof repeatedly violated the Hearthstone rules.

The player changed the rules of the Gentlemen Cup in the middle of the tournament in favor of his team and invited viewers to promote accounts in the ladder. In the community, games on reddit P4wnyhof were accused of cheating spectators, leading to a low number of active subscribers on Twitter and thanks to the author of the Twitch Viewer Increaser program on the hacker forum.

Hearthstone Global Games – a tournament for teams with the support of game developers. Group stage in online will begin on April 10, and information about LAN-finals is still unknown. The incomprehensible position of players who can not for the honor of their country, it is not important whether e-sports or sports, to compromise.

The composition of the national team of Sweden on Hearthstone Global Games:

  • Harald «Powder» Gimre
  • Jon “Orange” Westberg
  • Sebastian «Ostkaka» Enval
  • TBA

The composition of the German national team at Hearthstone Global Games:

  • Thomas “Sintolol” Zimmer
  • Daniel “C4mlann” Markish
  • Mats “P4wnyhof” Katag
  • Adrian “Lifecoach” Coy