GosuGamers.net portal has published a list of winners GosuAwards Prize 2016 Hearthstone discipline. Player Virtus.pro G2A Artem «DrHippi» Krawiec was the best in the nomination “Breakthrough of the Year”. Player of the Year recognized Sebastian «Xixo» Bentert and the team – G2 Esports. In each category is awarded on the two awards. First winner chose a special committee, composed of experts GosuGamers. The fate of the second user has decided to award the vote. In some categories of community and expert opinion divided, but most of their choices coincided.

Full list of winners GosuAwards 2016

Best Western player:

  • Selecting GosuGamers: Sebastian «Xixo» Bentert;
  • Selecting community: Paul «Pavel» Beltiukov.

Best Eastern player:

  • Selecting GosuGamers: IL-moon «Handsomeguy» Kang;
  • Selecting community: Zhou «JasonZhou» Bean.

Player of the Year:

  • Selecting GosuGamers: Sebastian «Xixo» Bentert;
  • Selecting community: Paul «Pavel» Beltiukov.

Breakthrough of the Year:

  • Selecting GosuGamers: Artem «DrHippi» Kravets;
  • Selecting community: Paul «Pavel» Beltiukov.

The best potential for 2017:

  • Selecting GosuGamers: Simon «Crane333» Raunlost;
  • Community Choice: Frank «Fr0zen» Zhang.

Team of the Year:

  • Selecting GosuGamers and community: G2 Esports.

Transfer of the year:

  • Selecting GosuGamers: Creating a composition Virtus.pro;
  • Community Choice: James «Firebat» Kostesich at Cloud9.

The confrontation of the year:

  • Selecting GosuGamers and community: Europe versus North America.

The most memorable event:

  • Selecting GosuGamers and community: BlizzCon 2016 Hearthstone.

Best tournament is HCT format:

  • Selecting GosuGamers and community: BatStone # 1.