Complete the main part of the championship at Hearthstone discipline within WESG 2016. Champion and holder of $ 150 thousand. Became a Filipino player Yuneil «Staz» Dzhavines, who beat in the final Swede Jon «Orange» Westberg of The Alliance. To reveal the strongest on Yuneilyu «Staz» tournament Dzhavinesu and Jon «Orange» Westberg took the maximum number of games in the final match. The final score of the meeting – 4: 3 in favor of the representative of the Philippines. Orange came in second and earned $ 70 thousand.

Third place and $ 40 thousand. Rafael got «BunnyHoppor» Pelzer. In the match for the bronze he beat compatriot Sebastian «Xixo» Benterta. Break through the group stage managed two CIS representatives. The first was Eugene «Neirea» Shumilin, who went from first place in Group A. The Ukrainian defeated future silver medalist Jon «Orange» Westberg. Another competitive players from the CIS in the playoffs was Mikhail «Korvus» Portyansky.

The Russian reached the next stage with a second place in Group B, losing in a personal meeting future champion. The results of the group stage WESG 2016 to Hearthstone: World finals WESG 2016 to Hearthstone held from 12 to 15 January in Changzhou Olympic Sports Center Stadium in the Chinese city of Changzhou. The session was attended by 24 gamer from around the world. The total prize fund of the tournament is $ 300 thousand.

The prize pool distribution WESG 2016 to Hearthstone:

  • Staz – $ 150 thousand .;
  • Alliance.Orange – $ 70 thousand .;
  • VP.G2A.BunnyHoppor – $ 40 thousand .;
  • Xixo – $ 20 thousand .;
  • Liquid.Neirea, Crowns.Fluffy, and CLHuang – for $ 5 thousand.