Hearthstone’s developer Peter Waylain talked about the process of creating new maps such as “Task” to supplement the “Expedition to Un’Goro”, and also shared information about new maps of the “Rogue” class. Peter Whalen – the game designer Hearthstone

On the official website of the game, Peter Weylen said that the idea of introducing maps-tasks came to the development team during the creation of the supplement “Awakening of the Ancient Gods”. But they returned to her only during the work on the addon “Expedition to Un’Goro,” because, according to the creators of Hearthstone, cards like “Assignments” blend harmoniously into the concept of the new addition.

From the news on the official website of Hearthstone:

“Once we decided that the tasks in the” Expedition to Un’Goro “to be, then immediately began to think about a wide variety of options. At first it was assumed that the task cards will be only legendary, and the rewards for them are simply fantastic. In the fact that you work hard, and then your work is worthy of being rewarded. First of all, we wanted the task cards to be as ordinary as possible, which would help them to fit into the rules of the game, while remaining intuitively understandable. ”

The class “Rogue” has been added new maps. The first of these is the task card “Underground caves”. Its purpose is to play four creatures with the same name. The reward for the quest will be the “Crystal Focus” card, which will increase the life and damage of all your creatures to five. The parameters will be kept until the end of the match. The second card added is “Mimicry”. With it, you create a copy of the taken card. According to the idea of the developers, this should help in the task of “Underground caves”.