The Alliance team’s Hearthstone by Jon «Orange» Vestberg talked about how the final Tavern Heroes tournament in Stockholm. According to him, the championship was very poorly planned and had serious problems with the internet connection. According to Jon «Orange» Westberg, organized Blizzard Entertainment event. The first game started at 14:00 local time.

Very sorry for the people who put money on the matches of the tournament (Tavern Heroies), because he was one of the flops Event at HearthStone discipline. In the future, we will focus on the championship level, so you can comfortably follow the eSports events.

Eight hours had passed all three rounds, and to get into the top-8 and obtaining slots for 2017 Europe Winter Preliminaries Vesbergu needed to win five more games. Given the fact that the EU Preliminaries began at 12:00 the next day, Orange it seemed impossible. Organizers have tried to solve the problem, but at 23:00 the venue closed.

Participants moved in the near internet cafe, and have time to play another round, before administrators have decided that the remaining matches will be held the next day. Games were to begin at 9 am, three hours before the beginning of the Preliminaries. Orange also wrote that the tournament participants were serious problems with the internet connection.

According to him, he lost the first match when his opponent twice flew out of the game, in which he strongly lagged behind Westberg. In both cases, administrators were allowed to re-start. February 11 at the bottom of the grid to score 2: 2 other opponent has taken off from the game, and the admins again allowed him to replay the match, which led to the defeat of Orange. He stated that the event was “the worst experience in a tournament in his career.” Sebastian «Xixo» Bentert noted that the possibility in the case of departure to choose between returning to the match and the replay was the most serious problem of the tournament.

Tavern Heroes – a series of qualifying tournaments in the series Hearthstone Championship Tour. Participants qualification fighting for eight slots in the main championship of the region. Tavern Heroes Matches are held in pre-selected locations Blizzard. In Stockholm, the game took place in a computer store Webhallen Fridhemsplan.

One of the latest materials HearthStone discipline, hope Dreamhack appreciate the excellent organization and such conflicts in the future will be less!