After the balance corrections Hearthstone, published by Blizzard Entertainment, a few well-known players have expressed their views and predictions for the future.

James «Firebat» Kostesich, the first champion of Hearthstone World Championship, welcomed the change. According to him, these nerf aimed at the deck of the second division like aggro Shaman, and attenuation can give way to less effective lists. However, he noted that the best deck in the last tournament – mid reynzh Shaman, and the most effective against it was a warrior with Yogg-Saron encounter. So, according to Kostesicha, change this legendary card worsen the Shamans. But he is willing to pay the price for the disappearance of an extremely strong source of randomness in tournaments in the face Yogg-Saron.

Brian «Kibler» Kibler particularly pleased Rockbiter changes, plagues and swearing Sgt. He believes that the weakening of these cards will allow players to actively use existing average cost, since the probability that the enemy will be able to effectively exchange the card played in a weak creature buff, was lower. Changing the Call of forests was quite unexpected for him, as the card came out recently. Kibler said that the spell was much worse, as the player can no longer use it at the same time and the ability to activate the hero.

But Andrew «Reynad» Yanik, the owner of Tempo Storm, does not agree with the changes to the Shaman. According to him, these nerf weakly affect the most powerful archetype Shaman – mid reynzh, and ignore the totem golem strongest card Shaman. It is also not very happy Tug changes since, according to Yanik, the game deck, which was based on a combo with a jerk, was quite challenging and interesting, but the deck did not have too large percentage of victories. It seems that the combo archetypes are necessary for the health of the game. In general, he believes that these changes have made only stronger Shaman – in the strongest decks on the Shaman has a large number of changes to the changed maps, and the rest weakened nerf the few decks that could compete with the Shaman.