Developers from Blizzard studio released a list of cards that will be gone from the “Arena” in the Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft. Among them are “The Forgotten Torch”, “Auto-barber”, “Ogre Shaman”, “Windtalkers,” “The Curse Rafaama”, “Tree of Life” and others.

A total of 45 game mode will remove the class of creatures and spells. The complete list can be found on the official website.

“One of our goals – to make the Arena truly unique regime fundamentally different from the other – said Dean Ajal decision, an employee of Blizzard. – I think we already largely succeeded, and it is important to stay the course when planning upgrades. But it is equally important to diversify the gameplay, and in each of the other modes. And here, we believe there is still work to do. When you enter the Arena, you are offered a choice of three classes. We want the players are not disturbed, it will not appear if the selected class is weaker than the other. “

The developers believe that it is better to remove the regime of creatures and spells with little influence on the game to make room frequently used cards for each class.

Authors also continue to look for other ways to solve the balancing regime. For example, they consider the option with adjustable frequency with which individual cards appear randomly drawn deck.

Members regularly criticize the “Arena” for the domination of certain classes. The most common presentation with 12 victories to finish easier for mages, rogues and paladins.

Hearthstone – a card game on the WarCraft universe. Release of the project took place in March 2016 on the PC, and then on mobile platforms iOS and Android.