Hearthstone Championship Tour and changes in the distribution pointsBlizzard Entertainment Company changed the distribution points Hearthstone Championship Tour season in 2017. Changes affected both awards for his performance in the tournament, as well as points that get the players in the ranking of Hearthstone. Developers have reduced the number of points that can be obtained in the Hearthstone rating. The leader of the tables will now receive 12 points instead of 15.

The following items will also be getting less – an average of their reward decreased by two points. In monthly tournaments are now awarded points twice as many players. The amount of points that are played in one tournament, also increased from 6 to 11. In tournaments with prize money of more than $ 10 thousand. Total score increased from 43 to 75.

Now, the award will receive 16 players instead of eight. Four of the best tournament participant will also receive an invitation to the regional qualifying for the season championship. The amount of points, which is played on a championship season, fell from 145 to 117, while the award will receive all the participants of the tournament. At the 2017 World Championships will be awarded 179 points. The prize winner will be reduced from 30 to 25 points. The first tournament of the season 2017 will be DreamHack Winter, which will be held from 24 to 27 November in the city of Jönköping.

HCT set points system is used to determine the participants of the Blizzard tournaments. Players with the most points are invited to the regional qualifying for the championship season tournaments and Last Call. In this system at BlizzCon was world champion 2016 – Paul «Pavel» Beltiukov.