Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft was released in March 2014, but the game still does not have some features that are available in other cyber disciplines. I would like to mention a few missing features, and we shall understand how they could be useful to gamers and pros easy.

Variety of game settings

One of the platforms on which the Hearthstone left more 2.5 years ago, is a PC. For dozens of years the industry gamers began to perceive the client configuration by itself for granted. “I’m used to the huge number of options, though rarely use them,” – admitted Stefan «Sumadin» Suedekani editor Hearthstone-section GosuGamers. However, it is not only spoiled fanbase: brainchild Blizzard really lacks several important features. For example, we can not separately adjust the sound level, simulating the situation of the pub. In addition, wishing to concentrate on gameplay forced to drown out their opponents every game. At the time, the developers were afraid that the ability to automatically ignore the manifestations of emotions gamers split into two camps. The solution could be the option of partial silencing opponents.

Record matches

Hearthstone – one of the few modern cyber disciplines, which does not give players an opportunity to review the recent meeting. This is necessary for those who want to work on themselves to improve their skills. It would seem, why Blizzard does not add this feature, if it is already in StarCraft II? Alas, things are not so simple: “When you view the records of matches played on the viewer screen all the action participants. The problem is that each patch introduces changes that do not affect the replays. Blizzard has managed to create an impressive system rollback to a previous version of the game for the Heroes of the Storm, and StarCraft II, but the Hearthstone powered by Unity », – explained Sumadin. It turns out, of Blizzard need to start working on the algorithm from scratch, and it will take time. However, the wait is worth it: the ability to analyze the matches played will change the approach to training professionals.