Today early-access to the Hearthstone Battlegrounds ends, and the new game mode will be available for all the players during the open beta-test. We gathered everything a Hearthstone player needs to know about Battlegrounds in one place.

Hearthstone Battlegrounds — what is it

‘Battlegrounds’ is the new PvP game mode in Hearthstone. It is a bit similar to Autochess. 8 players play on the same field, and only one will be the winner. You will receive ranking points for a top-4 finish and lose them otherwise. That might be adjusted slightly if your opponents’ rating differs from yours significantly.

Player’s job in Hearthstone Battlegrounds is to recruit creatures in the tavern for the coins he gets at the start and after each turn that he survives. When a player spends the coins and finishes recruiting, he will take a fight against one of the seven opponents chosen randomly. You can see what Heroes opponents picked and which of them will you be up against the next turn, but not their creatures lineup. During the fight, all your creatures will be attacking in automatic mode left to right. Those to survive the fight you will keep for the next turn.

The Heroes

There will be 24 Heroes, and each player will have to choose one. Each hero will have a unique power to recruit creatures, fight, and create strategies. For example, Millificent Manastorm will give all the mechanisms +1/+1, and Arthas will use a coin to grand the right creature on the Battlefield a Reborn effect.

The Deck and Creatures

In the Battlegrounds Mode, you don’t build a deck but recruit creatures to it during the actual game. You will do it in the tavern before the match and between the fights.

Each turn Bob, the holder of the Tavern, will offer you the new list of the few creatures to recruit unless you will use freezing (see below). You will get more coins each the turn as well, but try to spend them all because you can’t take them to the next turn with you anyway!

Recruit the Creature

Recruiting the creature worth three coins.

You can re-toss the creatures list for one coin.

Drag the creature to Bob to dismiss it — he will pay you one coin.

You can freeze the creatures list for free — then it won’t change next time.

You can upgrade the tavern, then it will offer you the more powerful creatures, and you will also deal more damage to the enemy’s hero. Upgrading the tavern becomes more expensive with its every level. If you don’t do it, on the following turn, the upgrade will become one coin cheaper.

When you hire three creatures of the same type, they merge into a more powerful single gold version of it. When you get such a gold ‘triplet,’ you can then Dig the higher level creature for free.

When recruiting is done, you can swap the creatures on the field. During the fight, they will attack random targets (unless your enemy has Provocation). Your creatures will attack from left to right. You have to place them wisely to get the maximum impact from the effects, such as Poison, Divine Shield, and Death Rattle.

The Fights

When preparations are done, you can proceed to the combat. It looks pretty much alike to the standard Hearthstone, and all the effects work the same way, but you can’t rule the process, as your creatures will always move in the same order. The player whos army is eliminated is defeated.

You can browse your opponents’ heroes and see who will be your next opponents. However, you will only see his creatures when the fight starts.

Where To Play Hearthstone Battlegrounds

The Battlegrounds mode will be available in the ‘Modes’ menu, next to the Arena. It will be available for everyone for free; however, those to purchase the bundles of the last add-on will receive the in-game bonuses:

  • You will see the detailed stats of your Battlegrounds games if you bought ten bundles;
  • You will choose from the three heroes instead of two if you bought 20 bundles;
  • You will receive unique emotes visible for the other players if you bought 30 bundles.

The leaderboard will be available at soon after the launch.

Hearthstone Battlegrounds System Requirements

As there are eight players in one Battlegrounds match, the game will require at least 2 GB RAM. You won’t be able to run this mode if your mobile device doesn’t have enough.