Pavel picks Rogue, JasonZhou takes aggressive Warlock. Both players are actively exchanged beings and xn. Pavel is trying to cope with the aggression of the Chinese players, the number of his health drops to three points, but the Chinese player finds the bёrst and ends the game in the tenth move. The second matchup becomes confrontation Warrior and Druid. Pavel exchanged better captures board and confidently compares the expense series. In the third game already JasonZhou playing the Druid, Pavel in the Magician.

Russian player gets a good starting hand and quickly took the table. Druid trying to grab a table, and thanks to a good topdeku Nourish and Ragnaros Hit addictive game until Malygos. Chinese player continues to find the right card, puts two Arcane Giant and Pavel rent. For the fourth draw Pavel again selects the Magician, JasonZhou Warrior. Dragon-Var captures the pace, but the pace of the game, the magician returned and Pavel finishes opponent Leeroy Jenkins. which called for using Firelands Portal. Fifth matchup becomes Mirror two thieves.

Error draw Edwin VanCleef, admitted JasonZhou, allowing Pavel grab a table and confidently complete the game in the seventh course. JasonZhou decided not to change the class and playing the robber, Pavel changing class to Warrior. The game is delayed. Robber holds combination with Gadgetzan Auctioneer, but after a successful draw from the Warrior is not a loss for the murder, and Pavel goes to the final.