Coming to an end the first Major Counter-Strike: Global Offensive in the new 2017. Two teams Natus Vincere (Ukraine) and Virtus.Pro (Poland) – already in the Playoffs, winning 3 matches from 3. If it continues and further, it will be a triumph for fans of the CIS region, despite the fact that the two teams have dropped out HellRaisers (Ukraine) and FlipSid3 Tactics (Ukraine).

The table of results after 3 rounds of the group stage

Ladislav “GuardiaN” Kovacs in a friendly manner, spoke to reporters portal HLTV, because behind the huge work of the whole team. Is near the hour when “Born to Win” again will take a worthy place in the Top-5 rankings of the best teams in the world. After all, SK (# 3 place in the ranking of 23 January HTLV) and OpTic Gaming (# 2) – not the best performance.

GuardiaN after the winning match at ELEAGUE Major 2017

The interview took place immediately after the victory at SK Gaming (de_dust 16: 3), where the NaVi confidently demonstrated the character and will to win.

– Very confident game in the group stage with only 12 rounds and losers kills 36 difference for your team over. I’m sure you and will continue to demonstrate a confident game in the Playoffs.

GUARDIAN: Yes, we have come here with the sole purpose and that is to win a major. We’ve all done this. We have shown that improved his game in preparation for the tournament. It’s very good, because we have won three out of three matches at the side of the special forces (CT side). In each match, we had 12 rounds on CT? so just did not even need to show something on the side of terrorists (T side). And I would call it a major advantage over our Playoff games.

Gold at ESL One: New York 2016

– I’ve already talked to s1mple, but he was not told about your pool of cards, which was obviously a little at the end of 2016. What you have achieved is still in preparation for the Major?

GUARDIAN: I’m a guy, asshole, and I will not say anything. It’s a secret, and what knows only our club. Other teams will not know anything before, how to play with us. So sorry, I will not say anything.

The warm embrace with Edward (Ioann Sukhariev)

– Can you at least say: Do you believe in your set of maps?

GUARDIAN: I would say that we are a team – all five players and five lead as the leaders – we are confident in all the maps that have prepared for the tournament in Atlanta.

– You said that they had come with the sole purpose to win the Major. Who are your most difficult opponent?

GUARDIAN: We played with SK, so I can not say anything more about SK. We beat them and beat well. But of course they can still show themselves in Playoff, if will get there. But despite this SK, Astralis and Virtus.Pro I would call our main threats. I would not say anything more, because we feel confident with all the teams. It’s hard – those two that I mentioned. If we meet with them, it will be a tough fight.

Yuri Donchenko