We often publish forecasts and lessons on our portal for e-sports betting. In this review, we will trace the game path of one of the best players of StarCraft II – soO. We really hope that he will help you in betting on the StarCraft II of the upcoming Grand Final 2017 Global StarCraft II League Season 1: Code S, which will take place this Sunday March 26th. Wait for the match of the year in a live broadcast on CybBet.com: soO (Zerg) will play against Stats (Protoss).

The Korean gambler has enough silver rewards

Eo “soO” Yoon Su is considered the eternal “silver king”. All the legacy of the player fits in 5 tournaments:

  • Final GSL Season 3 2013
  • Finals GSL Season 1 2014
  • GSL Season 2 2014 Finals
  • DreamHack Stockholm 2014 Finals
  • And the GSL Season Final 3 2014.

SoO has played more than 30 StarCraft tournaments in his career. Hundreds of official matches of StarCraft II and thousands of matches online. But the whole playing practice of the Korean can be defined as a series of failures. His karma is “2nd place” and he is not accidentally called “the silver king”.

On his karma, the player himself knows

SoO – a player who is famous for his exquisite technical skills – he is in this capacity the best and, probably, the best at all times. If he won every GSL Final he played in, his name would be permanently recorded in the history of StarCraft II. He just needs to win “gold.” The victory in the Final can be the most exciting adventure in the life of a professional gamer. And failure can destroy not only a career, but a soul.

This year at 2017 GSL Code S the player can get a break in traditions – for 2015 KeSPA Cup Season 2 (1st place) it turned out. Then he defeated Dark – the best Zerg of the planet. In this Final, he is confronted by player # 1 according to the rating system of South Korea in StarCraft II – Stats with 5,950 points. To break karma soO is forced by fate itself.

Only a few players reached the GSL Finals. For soO – this is probably the last chance in his career. The second such a finale may already not be.

Yuri Donchenko