onight, at 17:00 started the match the lower grid, in which the clash between “Power Rangers” and “Vega Squadron”. By the way the Belarusian team got a second chance, as they lost first when the lost boys of “Escape Gaming”, but after only a few days after the defeat of “Power Rangers” were invited to continue to participate in the championship “Global GrandMasters” already at the top of the stack. Where it became a rival Russian team “Team Empire”, which is played in this tournament with the replacement in the person – Dmitry “Undershock” Bolshakov. But even though this “Imperials” show a great game and managed to go to the grand final, we were able to defeat the Swedish top five of “The Alliance”, thereby “Alliance” have fallen to the bottom of the net.

In today’s game day, there was only one match, which we watched the games “Vega Squadron” and “Power Rangers”. “Sharks” in its official pablike “VKontakte” was told the news that they can play a match against the Belarusian team with the replacement. Due to the circumstances of the team could not help Alexander “Solo” Berezin and his place would take Elijah “Lil” Ilyuk. Already an hour before the tournament, Alex confirmed that he still play the most important match for “Vega Squadron” in this championship. By the way, the first map “Solo” played at “Skywrathe Mage” – a reasonably good character with magical powers, that he poured the lion’s share in the team’s success. This match ended in victory for “Vega Squadron”, with a score of 2: 0, they defeated the “Power Rangers”. Thus Five of Belarus for the second time saying goodbye to this tournament.