More recently, we shared with you information about what the championship “Global GrandMasters”, team “Vega Squadron” will deliver a replacement. Dota 2 Player-ended sharks will not be able to play in this tournament, since it has health problems. In a match with “The Alliance” within the semifinal upper mesh “GGM”, Vladimir replaced by another Ukrainian player Bogdan “iceberg” Vasilenko. But this change was not justified. “Vega Squadron” suffered a defeat with a score of 2:0 by Swedish fives “The Alliance”, thus they fell to the bottom of the net, where they were the guys from the “Escape Gaming”. By the way, this game takes place in Live-mode, for this period of time, the guys from the “Escape” will introduce a 1:0. The replacement of “Vega Squadron” is the Russian team player “Fantastic Five” – Stanislav “BzzIsPerfect” Silencing.

In the middle of the second card “Vega Squadron” and “Escape Gaming”, there were parts that “Team Liquid” forced to leave “Global GrandMasters”. The reasons for the organization is not currently reported. Most likely they are related to the fact that “Team Liquid” are members of “The International 6”, very surprised that such a grand as “liquid assets” withdrew from the tournament a few hours before the match, it is not clear what was then part of the tournament. Replace “Team Liquid” in the tournament “Power Rangers”, namely Five of Belarus will play against “Team Empire” at 22:00 on Kiev. Recall that just today the organization “PR” announced that they have decided to say goodbye to his Meader from Europe – Tourte “Ar1se” Lonut. Temporarily for Belarussian players will play Roman “Scandal” Sadotenkov, which recently kicked out of “Team Empire”. By the way, “PowerRangers” promised to announce its fifth player on the day, who will see them very soon.