ESL One organizers decided to publish the names of the first teams that will play in their championships in New York. Start is scheduled for October 1, and the prize pool of $ 250,000. The number of teams – eight, I wonder what they will all be invited to the championship by direct invitation, because it means that we will not see any new teams or little-known groups from different regions. Most likely will be performing in New York City only grants European CS: GO-stage. In my opinion all the final participants selected by the Major-Event in Cologne, which will be held from 5 to July 10, but I can say with confidence that “Fnatic” team, “Natus Vincere” can easily get an invitation.

With regard to the invitations to the team: “Gamers2”, it is quite controversial, but there are two sides of the coin, on the one hand the guys showed incredible game on the ECS Season 1 Finals, defeated in the final of the Champions “MLG Columbus” – “Luminosity”. On the other hand until October a few months and everything can change in a matter of days before the championship. We proceed to the “SK-Gaming” (former part – “Luminosity”), here is the same as guys like appear stable, but in some championships can not even get out of the group, take for example “DreamHack Malmo”, in the final match for out of the group, guys suffered defeat from “TyLoo”.

But do not forget about the transfer period, as already rumored large number may change their formulations: Tomas “oskar” Stastny left the roster “Hellraiser”, Emil “Magiskb0y” Rafe left the “ex-SK”, to search for a new team , and in fact one of the biggest championships have not even started the year on the discipline CS: GO.

Compositions ESL One New York members at the moment are as follows:

Gamers2: SmithZZ, ScreaM, RpK, bodyy, shox;

Luminosity: FalleN, TACO, fer, fnx, coldzera.