Representatives of the e-sports portal talked with Yaroslav “NS” Kuznetsov during the closed show of the Moscow Yota Arena. Analyst studio RuHub shared his impressions of the arena, compared it with similar venues and told, at the expense of what it will keep a young audience and attract another. Yaroslav «NS» Kuznetsov

  • – Share the first impressions of Yota Arena.

– Great impressions! I have never seen anything like this. It’s great that there is a breakdown by zone. An ordinary schoolboy and a student who gets to the second floor instead of the first one may get scared, think that the place is not for him, and run away. The second floor is decorated better than the best restaurants in Moscow. But the first floor is made as an ordinary computer club. An ordinary young player will not feel discomfort due to the fact that this place is not intended for him. – During your life you have visited many computer clubs at a large number of tournaments.

  • Did you see anything at least similar?

– At the moment, computer clubs have died out, because they no longer needed – 90% of people have a computer and internet at home. In the same Click-net, 4GAME and PlayGround in Moscow, nothing like this was not. If you take a zone with computers, it could be compared to some PlayGround or the same 4GAME. But if you move away for ten meters, then everything is done very cool, and I did not see anything like that.

  • – What do you think, who and why can now go to a computer club?

– Local computer club can use semiprofessional and amateur teams for training. In Moscow, a lot of players in the “Dot”, who dream of hitting the The International. Take Kyiv’s Arena, which does not compare with Yota. There at one time began to play Resolut1on, there was a lot of time spent Mag, ALWAYSWANNAFLY, XBOCT and many more guys who were unknown to anyone in their time.

They started to play there and got to know others. It was the way to eSports. Surely there will be tournaments here, amateur, and semi-professional, – this naturally begs. Those who want to go to play computer in half of Moscow, perhaps, will not be so much: a huge city. On the other hand, in Timiryazevskaya district there are many people who can come and play.

As far as I know, prices by modern standards are not just democratic, it’s almost for nothing. Something like 50 rubles per hour and 250 rubles per night. In the same Kiev “Arena” prices are higher than here. And if you go to some PlayGround, then eight years ago it was more expensive. Almost everyone can sit for a few hours. Well, it’s very good here. Powerful computers, good Internet, monitors, it seems 28 inches (great – I do not have such a house).