Vladimir “Maelstorm” Kuzminov summed up The Kiev Major 2017. The studio commentator RuHub said that Invictus Gaming was not ready for the Virtus.pro peak, and the OG match against Evil Geniuses solved individual mistakes. According to Maelstorm, Tal’s “Fly” Aizik team won the title because it was able to rebuild the game during the tournament.

About the game Virtus.pro – Invictus Gaming

“There were two possible events: either they would still break the disciplined Chinese DotA, or Invictus Gaming would bend their line. But Phoenix, Magnus, Venomancer, Faceless Void were not the same characters that the Chinese were ready for. They were discouraged and could not do anything. The fact that IG was pierced is not at all their peak. Maybe that’s what they started playing on the “major”, but it’s not entirely clear why.

Usually, if the team loses the game, it starts to somehow change. But they won games and still changed. That is, they won in matches, but they constantly changed their draft, and I do not understand why. <…> As the NS has said, the Chinese are such a people: if they lose such a strategy, they can not gather further. ”

About OG – Evil Geniuses

“All games were very” random “, and any team could win. Both [teams] had chances. Yes, OG won in the first game, and they had a lot of luck. All games were very equal, and as a result, some personal mistakes were made. Those are the “quirks” ».

About the Finals

“Already in the game with Evil Geniuses, somewhere in OG something started to work out even without” illusionists “. Even if we take the games with Virtus.pro: in the game where Specter was, already OG had a game that was not there before. They fought much better, they looked good in all positions. The only one who sagged, in my opinion, is s4. He made mistakes of his own. <…>


On the game Ana it was clear that he [more] is not afraid that he is going to the end, that at a time when there is some risk, he will prefer to take a chance. In addition, OG somehow rebuilt their game so that they no longer played on the mids. They played, on the one hand, on the kerri, on the other – on the support: the sponsors tried to farm.


They returned to the “Dot” of the sample of The Frankfurt Major, where the supporters of the fourth position did a lot of things and the “five” did not lag behind. <…> OG returned to the ultimate form: Fly played unmatched, JerAx played very, very well, all looked the same. I was wrong: OG really could come back. “