CEO organization Vega Squadron, Alexey Kondakov, published a voluminous blog. In it, he explained the reasons for team failure. He began his story by telling Alex about how to configure the current five “sharks”. The head of the club also named the unfortunate and confirmed that the roster Vega Squadron waiting for change – the team there will be 2 replacement, which we will soon find out.

Below is an excerpt from the blog. Link to the full version is available at the end of the news.

I would like to start from the beginning and tell you how we have formed our team last summer. Once we have gone from two players, we immediately decided that Fn, CeMa Mag and remain together, and the new structure will be built around them. Of course, we needed a captain, and also Fng, this role was not candidates. What he will do for us, we decided unanimously and immediately, but over the position Meader we thought long enough. We looked at the options with Iceberg’om, G, and 633, but Stas quickly dropped, and we chose between Bogdan and Sergey. We discussed the candidates with all the players and management: final word from transfer is always behind me, but without the opinion of the players, I do not collect the composition. At the last moment we decided that we take Iceberg’a. About him spoke well of his former comrades-in Polarity, describing him as a player long-term, hard-working and always running to win.


With regard to the training process, here we have tried to use a systematic approach. We tried to work with our staff coach at League of Legends, a psychologist and analyst, and the entire team held a long-term training camp on our database. The result was a system similar to the one on which work in this season just our roster for the League of Legends, and he is, among other things, shows good results.

Of course, not everything turned out to realize the way we wanted. Few sync’d residence time on the basis of a coach and psychologist. For personal reasons the coach arrived later than planned, and in tandem, they worked to live a week and a half team. Perhaps, this time a little bit and did not have enough.

Make time for physical training: the team went to the gym, I worked there with a specialist. There were also a weekend in which the boys, for example, go on quests, we went to the shooting range, even as you watched the story on our Youtube-channel. In general, we try to diversify as much as possible and work and leisure team. The main thing is that we did everything together: they were not only entertainment, but also team building. Of course, we played a lot KVshek, and at first everything went well. The results were good, we were playing at the same level with European tir1-teams regularly won the same Virtus Pro, but is closer to qualifying for The Boston Major began a decline, although this decline is difficult to call. Rather, we simply have progressed slower than rivals that have managed to develop faster because something worse, we did not play.

Alas, if one of the teams does not share similar views on training, and thinks it’s all unnecessary, the effectiveness of any work will be extremely low. We also present this time that not all players are considered systemic approach necessary and useful. Most of the team has been set up to work with a coach and psychologist, but someone did not want to openly. I believe that this was one of the main causes of the final failure.

There were problems in the relationship between the players, which we could not solve. It started out small, and then started to push more and more. We have players who are strong enough to respond to the atmosphere in the team. Some guys are not much exposed to it, while others, on the contrary, begins to “melt”. I would say that, in general, the composition turned out unsuccessful.

Because in our team there will be two changes. On them you will know officially in the near future, after signing contracts with new players.

We have firmly decided that players who do not want to work on yourself, the way our team booked …