Valve has released an update for Dota 2, which has simplified the quest for Ogre Magi and improved the animation of Immortal for Monkey King. Together with the patch, nine tournament tickets were added to DotaTV.

List of main changes:

– Fixed a bug that caused twice as many points for Battle Point Tributes.

Battle Pass The International 2017:

  • – Changed the terms of the quest with autoattack Ogre Magi. Instead of 50/100/150 strikes on the enemy hero, you now need to deal 20/40/60.
  • – Improved model and animation of Immortal for Monkey King.

New tickets for DotaTV:

  • – ESL India Premiership – 2017
  • – KOD League 2017 EU DotA Cup (free viewing)
  • – AD2L Season 16 (free viewing)
  • – U Tournament (free preview)
  • – WCA Tournament Platform Classic (free preview)
  • – AFM Dota 2 Tournament (free preview)
  • – WUCG (free preview)
  • – SEA vs AUS Invitational (free preview)