In the update Dota 2 developers have corrected the talent Shadow Fiend at level 25. Now he adds 150 damage to Shadow Raze’s ability instead of 125. Valve also fixed Wukong’s Command and edited several descriptions.

  • Combat pass

– The header frame of TI7 Favorite Team and Multiplayer Campaign is now clickable. Place translation inside the framework will be easier.

  • Interface

– Pressing objects in the backpack now gives out messages “in the backpack” and “in the backpack and in the rollback”;

– Atrophy Aura received the tag “strengthened by Aghanim’s Scepter”;

– The XBOX DVR setup has become inactive for all users. It can be re-enabled;

– In the “About the Game” section, game version 7.06 is now listed.

  • Tips & Tricks

– Tips and notes now reflect changes to the update 7.06.

  • Heroes

– Wukong’s Command now gives the correct bonus to attack speed: 1.6 instead of 1.7;

– Shadow Fiend Talent at level 25 now gives +150 Shadow Raze damage instead of +125. Console commands The engine_experimental_drop_frame_ticks command is again available.