General Manager Roman Dvoryankin told the team portal a few stories from the life of the composition of Dota 2. Most of all he remembered the acquaintance with the players in the French resort of Biarritz, Roman’s transfer “RAMZES666” Kushnaryov and hike in karaoke after The Boston Major.

First acquaintance with the players

“I just started working at I came to the French resort of Biarritz to get to know the teams. There was a vacation at Anton Cherepennikov, there for a couple of days flew guys from the CS-composition, and after them – dotters. I still did not know the players well in person, so I took a memo with me, so as not to confuse them. The first in the lobby of the hotel came down Vladimir “No [o] ne” Minenko, and after him came the novel “RAMZES666” Kushnaryov – delighted with the room in which he was settled. August, in Biarritz at the height of the season, full of tourists, all hotels are overcrowded. Numbers almost did not remain, because of this Ramses got almost presidential suite: a two-story, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. The boys went to see him there as an excursion. “

Transfer Ramses

“For the first few months of my work, I did not believe in the reality of what was happening: you look at Jaroslav” pashaBiceps “Yazhobkovsky and you do not fully understand that he is one of the best players in CS: GO in the world. I remember very well how we negotiated with Team Empire about the transition of Ramses, which were not the easiest.

I came with our lawyers to their office in Kuntsevo, and their lawyer told me: “Roman, do you understand that we are now discussing the transfer of one of the most promising players in the world at this position?” In the CIS, such people are no more. “

Of course, at first it was hard to believe that a 17-year-old boy was the subject of such tough negotiations. “

Karaoke in Boston

“In Boston, we flew out of the tournament a little earlier than planned. Discussed all with the team, and one of the final days all turned out to be karaoke – Alexei “Solo” Berezin for some reason very much wanted. With us was Masha Ermolina – our leader. She sings very well and even worked in a karaoke club. I knew that she sang well, but the team did not know. We go to a typical American karaoke, where some strange dudes in jumperes wailing.

Masha went to the stage, ordered music. I turn, and the team sits literally with open mouths in surprise. Masha sang one song, the second. The Chinese are approaching us with a bucket of ice-cold beer: “Is she with you?” Let him sing further, and the restaurant treats you. ” Unfortunately, not everyone was treated, as not everyone has reached the age of 21 “.