The company Valve added to the chat wheel Dota 2 replicas in Russian from Vitali “v1lat” Volochaya, Roman “CaspteRRR” Lepyokhin and Anton “Mob5ter” Erokhin. The developers also corrected some errors in the multiplayer campaign Siltbreaker Act I.

Main changes:

  • – The game has a multiplayer campaign Siltbreaker Act I: The Sands of Fate (see details here);
  • – Treasury Siltbreaker is given for passing the act for 3 stars.
  • – Holders of the Battle Pass 165 or higher will receive two treasuries at once;
  • – Added Emoticon Siltbreaker, which can be unlocked after the first act of the campaign;
  • – After defeating the final boss of the first act, the player will receive the Siltbreaker trophy: Act I Sand Stormer.

Battle Pass The International 2017:

– In the chat wheel added replicas in Russian, tied to the level of the Combat Pass:

  • 1) Level 157 – “God, you look around, what’s going on!” (Mob5ter);
  • 2) Level 207 – “Lived to the end, died as a hero” (Mob5ter);
  • 3) Level 257 – “Ai-ay-ay-ay-ay, what has now happened!” (V1lat);
  • 4) Level 307 – “This is GG” (CaspeRRR);
  • 5) Level 357 – This. Just. Something »(CaspeRRR).

Other changes:

  • – EPICENTER: Moscow is now considered a premium tournament;
  • – Changed prices for some couriers;
  • – Improved icon Broodmother;
  • – Improved icon Shark Ghost Ship from Kunkka;
  • – Comic Siltbreaker is translated into Russian and Chinese;
  • – Fixed some bugs in the Siltbreaker Act I: The Sands of Fate campaign.