Captain OpTic Gaming Peter “ppd” Dager in the AMA session told what he likes fans of the North American organization. He criticized the community for their attitude to the pro-teams, told about the origin of the nickname and said that the American DotA would become stronger with time.

About the support and preferred position

“Among the supporters of the fifth position, which are good in team fights, I would highlight Winter Wyvern, Warlock can work, and Disruptor, if you can play it. <…> [If I did not play on the fifth position], I would try myself on the role of an off-line player or a “four”. I think on the fourth slot you set the pace of the game and take responsibility for much in the early stages of the match. ”

About us

“After we signed contracts with OpTic Gaming, a lot of fans of this organization came to DotA. From the point of view of our community, it probably looked like this: “Wow, this is very strange, that is, you can just root for the team, and not water it with slops?”. I know that many fans of “Dota”, after meeting with the fans of OpTic, were surprised by their positive attitude, friendliness and support. I like that we are sincerely sick for us, and not constantly mixed with shit. ”

About the origin of the nickname

“I was young and thought that the name Jean-Claude Van Damme was very funny, so I wanted myself a nickname with” Damm “at the end – like Peterpandamm. Well, in the end, I changed my nickname to ppd when I came to DotA, because the names of three letters were then at the height of popularity. ”

About North American DotA

“Due to foreigners, the overall DotA level in America has grown. I think that with time more and more teams will move to America, because e-sports as a whole is now concentrated in the States – there is much more money here than anywhere else.

Franchise leagues LCL, Overwatch, a bunch of eminent sponsors. Teams that have a lot of money are concentrated in North America, as a consequence, they will want American compounds. So over the years, North American “Dota” will become stronger. And I think that teams from other regions will move here. At some point, such a serious shift will occur. “