Before The Boston Major upcoming 2016 edition of one of the cyber portals interviewed Paul «9pasha» Khvastunova, offleynera team. In an interview he talked about his nickname, game for Vega Squadron and and reshafle in Natus Vincere.

– Hi! As many of you know, before you had a bit of a different nickname. Someone suggested you cut it?

– I think it was Andrew «x3m4eg» Grigoryev Vitaly «v1lat» Volochay (laughs). It was at some event, when Vega Squadron just appeared. It seems it was Starladder. We went into the game lobby and whether x3m4eg, whether v1lat wrote to me: “Hey, kid, you’ve got a nickname? Let’s me. ” Some of the players joked: “Do not make fun of a guy is he the name of such over them all in childhood ugorayu. Stop laughing at him. Are you quite mad? “. Not everyone realized it was a joke. Everyone says, “Oh, yes, yes, yes, I’m sorry guys, I’m sorry.” Then I was told that it is better not to have to leave such a nickname. As a result, I had cut, but not immediately. I even went to The International with this nickname. But then still I decided to cut up 9pasha.

– For Vega Squadron did you play in two positions: as Kerry, and on hard. Who made the decision about your SWAPO hard to carry on the lane?

– The decision was pleased when needed players, and Andrew «Mag» Chipenko was without a team. We decided that it is necessary to take it, because it is a very good player. We needed the support of a strong player, and the other options were not. And we began to think: “Yeah, he plays only on hard. Let’s think, who can play at Kerry. ” So I volunteered.

– Then you come back to carry on the hard lane. Why?

– Because I do not like the role of Kerry. At first I felt a freedom of action, I have come up with strategies tested various mechanics and characters. But then I became a normal carry, which makes everything all. And then I lost interest in this role. Variation Hardliniya more than Kerry’s position. If you want to experiment to carry, you should be very much feel the game and understand everything that is happening, and I did not work this late. I thought, “Well nafig, I better get back to what I really like,” Hardy and I like a lot more.

– You were in Polarity After Vega Squadron. You surely started winning strong contenders, but then the game completely went wrong. What happened?

– Firstly, I started to play worse. I had problems in my life and I became more difficult to pay attention to the game. And secondly, if you do not go into the details, we have changed the priorities. At first we had a priority to play to win. At first, everything worked, but then we started to learn new strategies, test them, experiment. And it turned out that they all had different priorities: someone played to test who was playing to win, someone did not understand what was happening and what we do. In the end, all ceased to understand what we do and what we want to achieve.

– Polarity When you invite the other team?

– No, by the time all the teams have been formed. I would just relax until late summer. To distract from Dota 2, and then come back with renewed vigor. But I wrote the guys from the Fantastic Five, saying, “Pasha, we burn, we do not have people. We urgently need players, please help. ” I agreed – it was necessary to rescue the good guys. So it was just to help the qualifications, because they did not have the people. They then something happened in the team, and there are only 3 players.

– Then you invited to play in Tell me how you got into the team.

– At the beginning of the summer we with Alexey «Solo» Berezin discussed, it would be nice to play together. And I’m one bird has whispered that he will play in I knew it, and I understand that the organization is serious and there is a place I can not be. So I just waited for what would happen next. Players Fantastic Five, I said the same thing: “Guys, you are well, the team is very good, but I agreed with Solo. I would like to play with him again. “

Then it became clear that I hardly get to And I said to F5, that stay with them. But five days later she wrote me Solo and said: “Pashok, we need you.” I was told about the composition, which will be collected, offered to play with them. Under normal circumstances, I would have likely declined. I agreed because F5 all rested, did not do anything and did not train. If I had gone during training and preparation for the tournament, it would be ugly, but I left before the season starts.

– Solo said that the leadership did not put to you specific tasks for the first time. But you were able to win five consecutive qualifications. Did you expect this result?

– All of us laughed and did not believe in our success. They said that we are fools, and some can not do anything. And we have all turned out, we have won 90 per cent of training clanwars and feel very confident. We won against top teams, but funny over us and said that the Clan War – it’s all garbage, and the composition is still shit. We have seen that we do well to play. The opponents in the tournament will play harder, but we ourselves can play better.

– On qualifying for The Boston Major you perfectly played the group stage with a score of 8: 1. But in the semi-finals with Team Liquid, which you have chosen, something went wrong. What happened?

– We discussed all possible opponents for the semi-finals. We decided that with Team Secret butt in the first match does not want to – we consider them the most dangerous opponents. Selected from the Liquid and Ad Finem. With the Greeks play uncomfortable, they are uncomfortable opponents. With Liquid, we played and won confidently.