Mila “Mila” Aliyeva spoke about the difficulties of the commentator’s work in an interview with the cybersport portal. She noted the problems with the regime and admitted – in her life there was a case when she was afraid to admit to Vitali “v1lat” Volochai that he can not work out a meeting. According to Aliyev, the haters did not diminish her desire to work.

About the qualifications for TI7

“What I’m commenting on SEA was agreed only a few days before the start of the qualifiers. And in this case, I physically do not have time to change my regime, in order to fully comment on the region at an unusual time. You can not tell the body “go to sleep, tomorrow you get up at four in the morning.” It takes an hour or two to move. And how you lived before this month, so the body reacts. Naturally, you want to sleep. ”

About the operating mode

“I always come in advance to check the sound, check the stream, check the quality. Now broadcasts are turned on in a special way, not just on Twitch, the system is more complicated. So I check everything several times: 24 hours before stream, 12 hours, 3 hours. And still there are some unforeseen moments. <…> Here I sit, I change the name of the stream, I try to find out whether they will come or not, and I write angry posts in “Twitter”. And then I try not to fall asleep, I hit myself in the face, I dip myself into the water. And if seriously, I’m just trying to read something about the teams. That they like to “pee” and “ban”, as they prefer to play. ”

On the attitude towards work

“Once I did not know how long I would have a break. I asked my friend to wake me up. I say: either I’ll be cut off right now, or I’ll turn off during the game. I went to sleep, my friend wakes me up on time. I wake up – and my eyes have stopped seeing! I was terribly frightened! Everything is in some kind of fog. I waited for it to pass, washed my eyes.

I thought that I now have to write that I can not work. I was afraid not that my vision was gone, but the fact that I’ll have to tell Vitali “v1lat” I’m dragging that I can not comment! I even began to laugh after that. How much it is necessary to be an abnormal person, that in the first place there was work, and only then everything else!

<…> I really love what I do. I really like to comment on DotA, despite the hayters, despite schedules and everything else. I want to enjoy the game. And when I commented on Europe, it was. I just understand that I would have worked better matches, if I had a little more time. I would like to have fun, not think about fatigue. Make a kaifovy stream for one day, when you slept for three hours, it’s just unreal. “