MDL Chengdu Major 2019 was a bit awkward Dota 2 tournament. That’s because it used the old patch while everybody was aware that the balance was to change soon, and meta will change drastically.

So, if you didn’t watch it live, you apparently wouldn’t like to spend as much time to run throughout all VOD. That’s smart, and this is why this time around, we decided to bring you only the two best games.

TNC Predator vs. Alliance — Upper Bracket Round 1 Game 1

How often did you see one team leading by 80k net worth? Not much, we suppose. TNC Predator did amazing things at this tourney indeed, and not all of them were amazingly good.

TNC Predator vs. Vici Gaming — Grand Final Game 4

Yet another performance of TNC and they are losing by over 25k net worth. Can they come back using their sick Morphling–Earthshaker combo? You watch.

That was the combo meta. Let’s say a good-bye to it watching the best Dota 2 at the first Major of 2020 season! DPC will soon come back, but we’ll see some other Dota for sure. Is it for good or for bad — we will see.