Team Secret player Maurice “KheZu” Gutman wrote a blog in which he summed up The Kiev Major. He told the fans how Tal “Fly” Aizik helped him to cope with psychological problems, and also shared his thoughts on the SG e-sports team that beat Team Secret out of the tournament.

About problems with self-confidence

“On Dota Pit and StarLadder, I was not sure of myself and did not feel that I could hold off worthily against other off-lineers. After StarLadder, I happened to meet my friend Tal at the airport “Fly” Aizik and asked him a few questions about his problems. We had a long conversation. He told me about his past – about the times when he was in favor of Secret, and so on.

After our conversation, I realized. I was ready to subscribe to every word he said, he just opened my eyes. All these things, as well as the fact that Puppey, my current team and Tal talked to me, made me who I am now in DotA. If you compare me then and now, I can say for sure that now I feel much better; I always express my opinion and try to be as useful as possible. Self-confidence is of great importance for DotA. This game is much more tied to mentality than many people think. I am very grateful to Fly for what he has done for me. ”

About The Kiev Major

“Qualification for The Kiev Major was the first tournament where I was sincerely pleased with myself. At this tournament we all showed ourselves well and I felt for the first time that I was where I should be. This brought me great relief and gave me even more confidence. This was the first time I qualified for a major tournament (The International does not count), and you can imagine how happy we were at the time the last game ended. When there were a few days before the beginning of the “major”, we arrived in Kiev and settled in the hotel.

In the training rooms and in the hotel itself we really enjoyed it – the hotel is simply beautiful and the technique in the “practice-rooms” suited us perfectly. In the first couple of days we had problems with the Internet, but the staff did everything possible to fix them. They responded to every request we made. “