That ended The International 2017. Unfortunately, the tournament was very unsuccessful for the European team HellRaisers, which before the game in Seattle was called Planet Dog. The Cybersport journalist spoke with one of the key HellRaisers players Greg “Keyser” Kallianiotis (Grigoris Kallianiotis, Greece). Earlier,, an honest eSports betting portal, published an interview with Team Liquid captain and the world’s richest gamer “Kuroky”.

Let’s start with the fact that you represent a community of pro-gamers in Greece, which since the stunning victory of Ad Finem in Boston has loudly announced itself. You played with them, although it’s more like North American DOTA, where earlier players left. You always tried to create a purely Greek model of the team, like The Alliance. Why?

Keyser: Because the language barrier. When you speak your own language, you are able to communicate more quickly. Plus, you all have the same mentality, if you are all Greeks or Swedes.

And yet, you played in international teams. What is the difference?

Keyser: Significantly different. Each player has his own background.

I have long been interested in the Greek pro-scene DOTA 2. If you are familiar with the North American DOTA, every player there is standing by the mountain for each other. Do you have principal rivals, as between you and ThuG, for example?

Keyser: I do not think that we have principal competition with ThuG. I did not play with him. The difference between the pro-stage of the Greeks and the pro-stage of the team from North America is that we have 8 good players who play as one strong fist. But I’m friends with a lot of guys from North America and none of them is worth a friend for a friend.

Who is the most indisputable authority in HellRaisers?

Keyser: Maybe j4 [Alexey Lipay, captain] or 33 [Neta Shapira, Israel]. The most indisputable is j4.

What will you do after TI7? Will you stay in the current lineup or return to Greece? Can you leave Europe?

Keyser: I think all our guys from mousesports [all Greeks] will get together and maybe play one composition. There will be no change. I plan to go on vacation for a week, I have not rested yet never. Our schedule is crammed, we play qualifications and so on.

Yuri Donchenko