Five days ago it was announced that RAMZES666 would be moving from to Evil Geniuses. Many fans were curious how much did that transfer cost to EG. Even though they didn’t reveal the price, we can make some assumptions based on the different numbers known.

Million dollars transfers? Not yet.

It is known that NAVI received million dollars offers for their CS:GO players s1mple and flamie. They, however, declined.

The worth of Dota 2 players’ contracts is generally lower. In the interview before The International 2019, Roman Dvoryankin said that RAMZES was their most expensive player at the moment, at the approximate amount of $500.000.

Half million dollars is real

Rumors said that FaZe team bought Niko for this much, and they have never been disproved. Before that, it was a French player Scream to hit the highest transfer cost of $160.000.

They say in CIS that paid something between 100 and 200 thousand to NAVI for RodjER. And the CEO of Winstrike stated that the cost of Boombl4, who recently moved from that team to NAVI, was the highest in the CIS esports. Presumably, it was between 200 and 400 thousand dollars.

The RAMZES’ contract was soon to expire announced earlier that their Dota 2 roster have their contracts signed till the end of 2019. That should have lowered the actual price of RAMZES because in 3 months he would become a free agent anyway. CEO gave comments on this, saying that he can’t reveal the price. But the sum was not fixed, and EG will pay more if their results are better and less if results are worse. He called this fair for both sides. They do this type of transfers in traditional sports, so no wonder that it might work in esports too.

Assuming info we have:

  • would hardly sell RAMZES for less than $100.000
  • On the other side, it’s doubtful that he could cost $500.00 considering that they made the deal in September
  • The actual sum should have been between $200.000 and $300.000 with the maximum bonuses might get in the best-case scenario.