The Alliance’s chief operating officer, Eric Barge, spoke about the new system of tournaments for Dota 2 in the next season and about Swedish players. In an interview with, Barge said that the 2017/2018 season will be difficult, but Valve will be able to adapt.

About the new system of tournaments in the season 2017/2018

“I think it’s good that Valve made some changes. Certainly, this will positively affect all tournament organizers, regardless of whether they get the status of “major” or “minor”. When you have a set of points, it all depends on how it will work by itself. Unfortunately, I have never seen a normal season working on such a system. For example, there was WCS in StarCraft II.

She did not work at all, at least in the first few seasons. The organizers had problems with transfers in the regions. Now everything has become much better, but the risk of such a system is that it is very unbalanced for the teams. You need to find balance and have teams that play more than one tournament per year. I’m not sure how Valve will make it work. Considering how quickly the announcement took place, it seems that the company came up with the system at the last minute. But, in fact, this is what she worked on for a year. I’m sure that the first season will be hard, but I’m waiting for the developers to adapt.

Despite the communication problems that Valve may have [with tournament organizers], the company really cares about the game and adapts perfectly. I hope that we will see quick improvements if problems arise. “

About the Swedish scene in Dota 2

“The Swedish scene is still rich in talent. I know that there are a lot of growing stars, except for those who already are in our team. They are all talented and worked very hard to achieve results. Obviously, last season everything went wrong for us, but also the competitive scene became more competitive. It became much more difficult to get to The International. A couple of years ago you were already considered a good team, if you just got on TI. [Now this is not enough]. “

On the importance of the coach in Dota 2 and the League of Legends

“One of the biggest differences between the scene of Dota 2 and LCS is that the key players in DotA have more rights than the organizations. If we chose a coach who decided which of the players remains in the team, and who will be replaced, I’m not sure that it would take root in DotA. It’s a good way to structure the team. This is similar to how sports clubs or the best teams in CS: GO do it.

But we have a long road ahead [to implement this]. The last few years in The Alliance, we tried a lot. The players had a mental trainer who, I think, made them better. We also try to introduce physical training. All this together will have a good impact on the team in the future. “