DOTA Summit 11 will be the first event in the new DPC season. It’s been two months past The International 2019, and the teams just signed their new rosters.

Let’s take a quick look at the changes and see how will they affect the teams’ strength.

Even though Resolut1on has a lot of experience, he didn’t play as #3 previously, and epileptick1d and Save- are the newcomers to the pro scene. Playing in the same lane won’t make their life any easier either.

This means that the team will have to learn how to play together or even how to play at the highest level of competition at all. However, as CEO of said recently, they already made the roster decisions.

Our conclusion: the team became weaker in the short term.

Updated: the team didn’t resolve the visa issues on time, so they will have to cancel their participation. The replacement remains to be revealed.

HellRaisers has just signed the roster, and honestly, they didn’t get any star players. ALOHADANCE and Miposhka have quite a lot of experience, but they didn’t achieve any formidable results in 2019. V-Tune, Nix, and DM are not exactly new to the scene, but they definitely lack the highest tier experience.

HR can raise up to top-4 on a good day, but we don’t see them beating Chinese teams, and even a good team like Quincy Crew might be too much of a challenge.

Our conclusion: the team is maybe a dark horse, but rather an outsider.

The new NiP roster created around ppd — the legendary captain and the TI champion. The other four are new, but not to the scene, only to this particular team. Universe and Biver are skillful and established, and Skiter and Gunnar, even though they are not stars, have two-three years of experience.

Our conclusion: NiP is very strong, they should be in the finals.

Ad Finem is the most stable team on the pro scene: they changed only one player between 2018 and 2019, and now they swapped him back. Everyone in the team is Greek, and they played together a lot. However, we can’t call them a top-tier team, as they always had problems in mid-game, and they are not too consistent in terms of performance.

In fact, it’s nearly impossible to predict if this team will be top-3, top-1, or will be eliminated in the first round.

Our prediction: totally unpredictable.

IG picked KaKa, which is definitely a buff, and swapped their #1 position. Each player in this team is an accomplished pro. As they kept most of their roster, they have resources to practice as much as required, and they already playing quite good on the qualifiers — we don’t see a single reason to not consider them strong favorites of the Summit.

Our prediction: IG should be in the finals, most likely winning it.

Geek Fam is pretty much a South-Asian mix consisting of one ex-MVP player DuBu and buch of ex-TNC folks of Raven, Ryoya, and Xepher. Even though some of them participated in TI, it will hardly be enough to put up a good fight right here right now. They were able to pass the local qualifiers, but the region they belong to just can’t offer too much of a competition.

Our prediction: the first team to be eliminated at Summit.

Quincy Crew keeps shuffling SumaiL with his brother, and on this turn, his brother YawaR will be featured as #1. They also changed #2 and #3. MSS and SVG have some TI experienced and even used to finish in the top-10; however, none of them have any major success in the recent tournaments. The only chance for them is to perform some top-notch team play, but they don’t play together for too long, so there isn’t really a reason for that to happen.

Our conclusion: another team to get knocked out relatively quick.

The team stroke the 2nd place on the last year’s Summit and took 3rd at ESL One Birmingham. They don’t make much roster changes, they have their play style, and their results are slowly getting better. Considering all this and also their good mechanical skills, they look like another strong favorite of the whole thing.

Our conclusion: paiN Gaming is strong, they should be in the finals.

Assuming what we said above, here is the final prediction which might be helpful, wherever you are going to bet on DOTA Summit 11 or just wondering who came on top after the shuffle:

  • IG and paiN Gaming for top-1 and top-2
  • NiP and VP for top-3 and top-4 (note: VP will not participate, as per an update)
  • HR and Quincy Crew for top-5 and top-6
  • Ad Finem and Geek Fam for top-7 and top-8

DOTA Summit will kick off on November 7 and will take 4 days. So it’s still 2 weeks to go before the new DPC season will start, and some roster changes might still come up (not too likely).

Anyway, let’s wait and see what will the new season bring!