Mid-player Natus Vincere G2A Daniel “Dendi” Ishutin spoke about the bootcamp of the team and the band on the EPICENTER: Moscow 2017. In an interview with the cybersport portal, Dendi also shared his thoughts on the upcoming The Summit 7.

About bootcamp

“Butkamp was small, because before him we had one more where we played different qualifications. At Summit 7, here at Epicenter, the truth is lost to it. Then we went home, and at that moment a new patch comes out, which normally changed the balance of things. And we, like, like, need to train, but we just got rid of one bootcamp. We had about three weeks. We spent some time at home and could not get together again, as we were waiting for a visa to Russia for Biver and Pajkatt. And we went to the bootcamp once they got it. In total, we had 3-4 days. Well, during this time, you will not get very prepared “.

About the band at EPICENTER: Moscow

“We were not afraid of any of the enemies that we had. I’m not saying this because of disrespect, I just know that we had very strong teams, we see this even now in the playoffs. Of all the members of group B there were only Evil Geniuses, all the rest flew. And our group, as it turned out, dominates. I’m sure that we could show a much better result if we were not afraid and did not experience. Somehow we morally broke. ”

About the upcoming The Summit 7

“We go to tournaments do not rest. And there is not much rest. Although they say, they say, “Los Angeles, California, how cool!”, But we live in a suburb where there is nothing to do. From the hotel to the house, from the house to the hotel. It’s usually hot there, so you do not want to go anywhere and sit under the air conditioners. ” At the EPICENTER: Moscow 2017, Natus Vincere G2A lost four meetings out of four in the group and left the competition. In the final of the tournament Team Liquid won from Evil Geniuses and received $ 250 thousand.