On the margins of The International 7, the Cybersport journalist talked with the coach of the EG (Evil Geniuses) team Clinton “Fear” Loomis (USA), former world champion The International 2015 and winner of 2 majors. The MidBet strong e-betting portal offers you an overview of the interview about the western DOTA and why North American DOTA 2 is growing the influence of good captains. Earlier we published interviews with the recruiter Natus Vincere Zeus.

So, Fear, you’ve been retired for about a year as a player. You won TI5, played TI6. Did you then have a goal to repeat your champion title?

Fear: Yes, then for a year I tried to become one of the first who won two tournaments The International. Even then, after TI5, I was thinking about resigning. In addition, to be honest, I had problems with my hands. And although I had problems with my hands, I had the opportunity to play in one of the best teams in the world that year. I won the World Cup with them, so I had reasons to retire. We had problems last year, but we won Int from 3rd place.

Yes, EG is one of the most stable teams. You saw a lot of teams that won Int, and then disappeared and did not appear throughout the next year, like Alliance, for example. EG after the “gold” took and “bronze” again. I do not think that many teams can boast of such motivation.

Fear: According to the experts, we should have won this year too.

In fact, I thought that in the final will play EG vs Team Liquid, somewhere like that.

Fear: I spoke about this in one of the past interviews. It would be fun to watch this.

In EG, you have 2 coaches: you and SVG. SVG, as I understand it, has a more analytical role. And yours – in setting up the EG machine, so that the work of SVG is moving in the right direction?

Fear: Yes, a very accurate description, to be honest. I took SVG, to have a different opinion and another independent voice, mainly in the analytical key. My most important role is to get everyone to work for the team and do it in such a way that he is happy here. It is normal to have discussions and this is part of my work – a discussion.

Yuri Donchenko