Grand Final determined the best team of Chongqing Major: Team Secret. Let’s go throughout the brackets and recall how did it happen.

Day 1 — to come on top in the old rival

Team Liquid faced off against Team Secret to start out the playoffs in Chongqing, but without their full lineup present, The International 2017 champions could not keep up with Team Secret’s rampage, who swept the set and advanced to the next round of the upper bracket. Fnatic, who surprised a lot of people during their run in the group stage, played against the local favorites, EHOME, and it was Chinese team making their grand return to the biggest stage, as EHOME recovered after dropping the second map and took the set in full series, moving to the top-6.

Once upon a time, VP could not beat Evil Geniuses even if their tournament life was on the line, but this time CIS squad took down EG without too many troubles, keeping their hopes of winning a yet another Major tournament and rounding out the day, PSG.LGD played against Vici Gaming in a Chinese derby, and despite the late attempt to come back by Vici Gaming, it was all about PSG.LGD, who won two maps in quick succession and advanced to the next round in Chongqing.

Day 2 — No winners final for the Chinese teams

Eight teams of the lower bracket played in a best-of-one format to find out who was going to stay alive in the tournament for a yet another day. South America got an unbeaten two games streak from their teams, as both Chaos Esports Club and Thunder Predator moved to the second round. The former took down Alliance, while the latter won against The Pango to boost their chances of getting more points into the DPC rankings this season. J.Storm once again survived the first round roulette, this time eliminating Forward Gaming, while Team Aster, for the second Major in a row finished last, as TNC Predator moved to the next stage.

Meantime in the upper bracket, VP and PSG.LGD played a highly anticipated series, as CIS team punished Chinese squad mistakes and overextensions nearly flawless, sweeping the set to guarantee themselves a top-3 finish in China. The local crowd did not get many reasons to be happy that day as Team Secret won two consecutive maps against EHOME to send them to the lower bracket, closing out the second day of playoffs on a high note for themselves.

Day 3 — The old names move on

The last day before the break featured eight teams clashing in the lower bracket for a chance to make the final eight and advance to the stage play.

Vici Gaming started strong, but Chaos Esports Club responded in style, equalizing the score after winning the second map. Chinese team still prevailed in the end, however, as Vici Gaming moved to the top-8, where they’re going to face off against Evil Geniuses. To make it there, EG had to take down Thunder Predator, as the second South American team got eliminated from the tournament after Evil Geniuses won two maps in a row.

Fnatic, who suffered a heavy blow in the upper bracket, faced off against J.Storm, and while the first map took long to be closed, second was a walk in the park for the Southeast Asian team, who advanced into the next round. As it turned out later, they will be the last SEA representatives on the scene, as Team Liquid eliminated TNC Predator by winning two consecutive maps and advanced to the next stage, where they’re going to face Fnatic themselves.

Day 4 — No, it’s not a secret

Vici Gaming made the crowd roar by taking first map win against Evil Geniuses, but North American team won two games in a row to win the series and advance to the top-6, where they’re going to face off against EHOME. Fnatic had to play against Team Liquid in the second game of the day, but what was supposed to be a solid match despite TL unable to land their full roster, turned into a sweep in favor of Southeast Asian team, who is going to play PSG.LGD tomorrow.

In the upper bracket, VP and Team Secret faced each other for a chance to skip a stage before the grand finals, as the latter started strong with Slark in the middle lane snowballing the game for them. However, the reigning champions fired back in the following maps, as CIS squad took the series in a full best-of-three and advanced to a yet another final match.

Day 5 — The last local team is out

Back and forth game one, EHOME looked to be defending well against Evil Geniuses, but EG managed to find enough picks to move ahead in the series. Chinese team tried to up the pace and play their own game in the following map, but once again, North American team got to the coveted victory and secured the series win, advancing to the final four. Fnatic looked in control in game one against PSG.LGD, but it took a few skirmishes for the Chinese giants to return the favor and secure the lead. Game two was even more simple for the local heroes, who won the series in two straight and moved to the next stage.

Evil Geniuses punished PSG.LGD’s greedy approach to the game, as they grouped once the items were accumulated and never stopped until the map was over, but game two turned out to be a bit different. This time PSG.LGD managed to make enough space for the cores despite trailing massively in towers, built up a defense on the high ground and got in the lead until few massive mistakes were punished by Evil Geniuses, who secured the series win and moved into the last day of play.

Day 6 — The sweet revenge

Ten different champions but the result was still the same, as Team Secret opened the final day of Major with two consecutive victories over Evil Geniuses, moving into the grand final rematch against VP.

There, the red-hot Team Secret looked nigh unstoppable in the beginning, as first two maps were less than forty minutes of the combined game time. They looked to close it out in the next game, but VP managed to grind a comeback for themselves, keeping the hopes for a second Major championship in a row alive. However, Team Secret was not to be stopped that day, as a yet another map was all about them, giving Team Secret a third win and an overall tournament victory, becoming The Chongqing Major champions and guaranteeing themselves a trip to The International 2019 later this year.