The group stage just ended in Chongqing Major. Let’s see who came out on top!

Group A

Group A in Chongqing featured the reigning Major winners VP, the Bucharest Minor champions EHOME, TNC Predator, dangerous even without their full lineup and Chaos Esports Club, returning to the big tournaments with the best South American team.

CIS squad topped the group but was not perfect, as both EHOME and TNC Predator managed to take the wins from the DPC leaders. Chaos Esports Club finished fourth, winning only one game, while TNC and EHOME had to play in the decider match. The latter swept the series and are going to start in the upper bracket once playoffs begin, while TNC will join Chaos Esports Club in the lower bracket, where the first round is still a best-of-one format.

Final standings:

  1. 2-0 (4-2)
  2. EHOME: 2-1 (5-3)
  3. TNC Predator: 1-2 (3-4)
  4. Chaos Esports Club: 0-2 (1-4)

Group B

PSG.LGD — the local Chinese heroes, Team Secret, seeking their big championship after losing in the finals of the first Major this season, Forward Gaming, capable of taking down nearly anyone on a given day and Thunder Predator, making it to the Major for the first time in the history of the South American organization, played in the Group B.

Despite struggling against Forward Gaming, PSG.LGD topped the group, as Chinese number ones took down Team Secret in two straight, finishing first. Thunder Predator was only good for one win against North American team and will start their path to glory in the lower bracket, while Forward Gaming will join them there, as Team Secret won in the decider match to move into the upper bracket in Chongqing.

Final standings:

  1. PSG LGD: 2-0 (4-1)
  2. Team Secret: 2-1 (4-3)
  3. Forward Gaming: 1-2 (4-5)
  4. Thunder Predator: 0-2 (1-4)

Group C

Group C at the second Major of the season featured Team Liquid, coming to their first DPC event of the year without their full lineup, Vici Gaming, seeking a big finish to boost their chances of going to a yet another The International, J.Storm, who ended up winning North American qualifiers and The Pango, not being able to land their full roster in China as well.

All the problems did not stop Team Liquid from winning the group, as despite dropping a map to The Pango, TL still took down both CIS squad and Vici Gaming, advancing to the upper bracket. J.Storm did not win a single map and are going to start in a lower bracket for the second straight Major, while Vici Gaming booked their tickets to the upper half of the playoffs, as they swept both non-Team Liquid teams to make it there.

Final standings:

  1. Team Liquid
  2. Vici Gaming
  3. The Pango
  4. J.Storm

Group D

Last but not least, Group D in Chongqing was played between the fan favourites Team Aster, Evil Geniuses, who were top-3 in Kuala Lumpur, Fnatic, eager to prove themselves on the biggest stage and Alliance, making it to the second Major tournament in a row after struggling for a long time in the past.

Southeast Asia was made proud that day, as Fnatic did not lose a single map on their path to the first place, booking their tickets to the upper bracket. China was not as happy, however, as Team Aster could not get a single win on the table, so it came down to Alliance and Evil Geniuses, organizations knowing each other very well, for the second place in the quartet. The former won the first map, but the latter took two in a row afterward, as Alliance is going to start in the best of one roulette in the lower bracket, while Evil Geniuses will go to the upper half of the playoffs stage to begin their road to success there.

Final standings:

  1. Fnatic
  2. Evil Geniuses
  3. Alliance
  4. Team Aster