Chinese derby was the first match of the playoffs in Bucharest, as EHOME and Keen Gaming faced each other for a chance to go to the upper bracket final. The former continued their streak of not dropping a map and took the series 2-0, advancing further and dropping Keen Gaming to the lower bracket. Gambit Esports had even less trouble with OG than EHOME did against Keen Gaming, as CIS squad spent less than an hour of combined time in games during the set, moving to the top-3 as well.

Down to the lower bracket, BOOM ID and TEAM TEAM played the only full best of three of the day, as teams traded wins before the latter secured the series 2-1 and survived for a yet another day in the tournament. Ninjas in Pyjamas advanced as well, eliminating Playmakers Esports with two consecutive victories, keeping their chances of returning to the Major alive.