The captain of the team Alex “Solo” Berezin told in an interview to the cybersport portal why the team did not reach the semi-final of EPICENTER, how many heroes VP will have in the pool for The International and is it fair that only one team from the CIS was invited there.

  • – Why did you decide to use non-recurring characters on The Summit 7?

– The idea came after the first three cards. One of the guys said: “We piknuli 15 different characters.” And I offered to continue taking in this style. Everyone agreed that it was a good idea, no one was against it.

  • – After EPICENTER: Moscow, many claimed that you have problems with strategies. Everyone knows who you will pee, what will you do on the map. Did you remember this when you decided to play at The Summit such a chat?

– Honestly, I did not know that they said so. We had clearly expressed priorities on the strength of the heroes, but it never meant that we are playing the same thing. People are mistaken, we can play absolutely everything.

  • – Why did the team decide to use the usual peak on the last map? There was a rumor that you threw a coin – is it true?

– There were very few heroes left, and Clement “Puppey” Ivanov “helped” with banas from the remaining pool. We decided that it was more important to win than to finish the Challenge, and took the usual heroes. Yes, I did / roll in the lobby, but its result was already unimportant.

  • – Was it possible to collect from the remaining heroes a normal battle-worthy peak?

– You could blind something that can play in Dotu, but it would be very difficult to beat strong Team Secret spades.

  • – If the tournament had your main competitors – Evil Geniuses, OG, Team Liquid, – would you have acted differently? Would you have decided on the same experiment with peaks?

– I think, yes, we would. This is more important than the tournament itself, and not the composition of the participants. Last time we already showed a couple of strong strategies at The Summit and left without them in Boston.

  • – What do you think, what characters and bundles will return to the meter after your performance?

– Here you can not guess. Now in “Dot” 80-90 heroes are played from time to time. Each team has its own preferences, and even before The International is still decently – everything can change.