Tonya “Tonya” Predko talked to the captain of HellRaisers Alexei “j4” Lipaem about the coaching work of Martin “Saksa” Sazdov and the emotions of the team members after winning in the closed qualifiers. The player also told why passing through two open qualifications went into the plus for the team.

About the final of qualification for The International 2017

“At the moment when the enemy’s throne fell, there was not a single person left behind the computers. In the Timespike it’s just empty: apparently, everyone was in shock and went to embrace with family and friends. All on emotions. We did not even communicate that day, that is, there was practically no connection back. ”

On leaving Prodota Gaming before the World Cup

“We were even a little helped by the fact that we broke up with one player and the organization. We had to go through open qualifications, and the first, as you know, we did not pass – lost in the final stack Loda. At this distance of two open qualifications we played about 20 games; She allowed us to find her style and more to understand the mete.

This very much played into our hands: we went into closed qualifications already with the pool and the understanding of how it works. When it felt that our first rivals in the matches were swaying, we already knew what we wanted to do. ”

About coach Martin Saksa

“He watches all of our training matches and tries to prompt something after, sort out the replays with us, show some specific moments, mistakes, how to play. He pays attention first of all to macro errors, that is, he does not really analyze individual errors and says nothing. “