ESL One Hamburg 2019 was the first Dota 2 tournament after The International 2019. Thus, it was at the same time very meaningful and not meaningful at all.

All Dota 2 fans around the globe were excited to see their favorite teams’ new rosters indeed. That’s why the first tournament of the season is always important. On the contrary, many teams didn’t tune their play yet, some teams weren’t able to attend at all. Mind that ESL One is not in the DPC system, so participants could use it to start finding their play-style.

That is why you probably don’t want to watch all the series, which is a bit similar to watching the practice scrims. But we will guide you through the three best matches of the tournament!

Beastcoast in the playoffs

Beastcoast is a Peruvian team with an addition of one Bolivian player in it. They are pretty much the high-MMR stack right now, so if you’ve been wondering how such a stack could perform on the pro scene on a good day — watch those folks. We recommend their playoff matches, but if you will fall in love with their play (which is very likely!) — feel free to hover over their group stage performances as well.

The Grand Final

It doesn’t wonder that two mid-tier teams met each other in the grand final of a tournament like this. It does wonder, however, that they performed an exciting show for every Dota 2 fan in the world. It just proves that Dota is so awesome that sometimes you don’t even need star players to get the world-class match. Or maybe the star-caliber players born in the finals like this.

The next stop will be DOTA Summit 11. There’s still some time left before it kicks off, but you can read our predictions in a while. And mind that our wite offers bets on DOTA Summit 11, as well as the other Dota 2 tournaments.