returned to his native Polish soil for the battle for the title in the Intel Extreme Masters World Championship 2016 in Katowice. After all, all players Russian team – Polish by nationality. had once lifted a trophy cup victory at ESL One Katowice in 2014, when the Ninjas in Pyjamas has beaten in the final 2: 0. The team is now a 5-line rating of the strongest clubs in the world in CSGO in official tournaments in the past 12 months.

Despite the fact that the team roster has not changed since the glorious years of the great victories of 2014, their top-level matches against EnVyUs and Astralis – not an easy task. since a complete failure on the ESL Pro League in January of this year, where they have lost the nines in all matches, the “bear” has 6 consecutive strikes flops. A failure string of losses continued and DreamHack Leipzig, where they lost to mousesports and Team Dignitas. on ESL One Cologne 2015:

There is no dispute in the team – excellent professionals. Individually, the players show high grade. But, unlike Fnatic or Astralis, where we see a harmonious picture of the high-command of the game, the team seems lost taste of victory in team battles.
Among the achievements of the last team first place in the Premier tournament it was in November 2015 CEVO Season 8 Professional Finals, where they have won against mousesports in three maps.

Established in the early days of e-sports in 2003, a team led by the Polish coach “kuben” has a good chance to prove their right to be in professional sports elite.

Once in group B at Intel Extreme Masters Season X World Championship, “bears” in their native land can (and must) prove this first-class teams like EnVyUs, Astralis (ex-TSM), the updated FaZe Clan, E-Frag from Bulgaria and the winner of the North American Qualifier Tempo Storm, that Counter-Strike – this is a game for real men. After all, unlike other esports games in CSGO luck and odds of the native land – not just empty words.
As the undisputed favorite of the tournament, team is still far from the champion plank “the perfect game”, showing the level below their ambitions. But fueled by a crowd of fans in his native Katowice, “bears” can not escape the debt to become a champion, and remember the old times of trouble.
Do not miss the tournament Intel Extreme Masters World Championship Katowice 2016 to Spodek Arena 4-6 March. Watch for our announcements. We have to win stakes in e-sports!
Yuri Donchenko