Yaroslav “pashaBiceps” Yazhobkovski told about the game for reaching the playoffs of PGL Major Kraków 2017 against North and about the feelings after winning an interview with the cybersport portal. According to the Polish player, the team feels now as an ESL One Katowice 2014, where Virtus.pro won.

About the match against North

“It was very difficult. Snax read them well. He told us what they would do for the attack and for the defense, so we knew what we would do against them. There was no such thing that Snax gave wrong directions, it was more the error of each player.

So the game came out tense, especially the last three rounds. We had an advantage, but we played like silver. We have a bomb installed in the situation 5×5, but we do not push CT, we do not put a zigzag, we do not push the connector, as if we have shoes weighing 100 kg. We needed to do something, but we just waited for the frags. This is a good lesson for us in the future.”

On the feelings after the release in the playoffs

“We are in the playoffs. To be legends is something special. Because to play online, “maynors” – it’s all nonsense. It’s all a waste of time in terms of training. But now our mind is pure, and we will prepare for the quarterfinals. We will play bo3, and we will have an advantage.

Because in bo1 we are not very good at it. Many, probably, [will come to the stadium] because of Virtus.pro, because of this we feel now as in 2014. We play in the biggest arenas, on the biggest stages. And here there will be a huge arena, and I hope that many people will come to support Virtus.pro “.