The Krieg issue became a hot topic in the Counter-Strike scene recently. Let’s see what the problem with the weapon is, why it emerged, and how can Valve possibly fix it.

What’s Wrong with Krieg

Krieg is a short name for the SG 553 — the scoped assault rifle for a T side. They buffed it at the end of 2018 alongside the CT’s AUG — another scoped weapon in CS:GO. The point of a buff was a price reduction: both guns became more affordable.

  • AUG: $3,500 dropped to $3,150
  • SG 553: $3,000 dropped to $2,750

The popular vlogger WarOwl said back then that SG 553 would be imba. But the first thing to approach was AUG meta. The reason for that was the fact that that AUG’s spray pattern is almost equal to Ak-47. Thus, it took no time for the players to adapt and start taking advantage of having a scope.

The patterns taken from CSGO SKILLS

When the AUG meta emerged, Valve took action nerfing the weapon a little bit: the reverted the price to $3,300. That prevented the gun from being overused in both pro scene and public matches.

However, as 2019 went on, more pros started using SG 553. It took some time for this gun to find its way to the scene because its pattern is much harder to learn compared to the others. The spray of SG 553 is going to the top-right from the beginning, while usually, it’s moving straight up.

Team Liquid’s EliGE recently explained why players don’t learn to aim with the ‘new’ weapons fast enough:

I’ve watched pros and it looks like when they want to start practicing the Krieg they go into Aim_Botz and start tapping with it. You don’t need to learn how to tap, you already know how to put your crosshair on them and shoot.

You should be practicing your spray control. You already know how to put your crosshair on their head, that’s not going to help you get better with the Krieg. That’s why there are so many pros that aren’t good at the Krieg.

Some players, however, did their training right. For example, many people say that SG 553 is pretty much the only reason for the recent success of the team FURIA.

If even Golden can make an ace, the weapon is 100% imba, they say

However, the problem is no that the players who can learn to aim faster come on top. The problem is that the more players pick it up, the more underprice of Krieg affects on the game. The first bullet shot from SG 553 hits too accurate and deals too much damage (killing even an armored target with a headshot) if you take it that it costs just $50 above Ak-47. That’s what Astralis’ dev1ce said:

Tough night for me personally, struggling to AWP against the Krieg. Not even sure if it’s worth buying the AWP anymore.

Ultimately put (and the pros do it already), CS:GO is losing its identity. Well, they call the scoped rifles ‘CoD rifles’ for a long time already. And while it took for Global Offensive some time to become a real new Counter-Strike after being called ‘another Call of Duty‘ by many old-school players such as’s LeX, identity is something Valve’s game designers should try to keep.

How to Fix Krieg

The idea many pros liked a lot came from Team Liquid’s Twistzz. He offered to make the gun semi-automatic. If Valve will do so, SG 553 will become the first semi-automatic rifle in the game, which means that players will have to tap instead of holding fire.

It would most likely reduce the power of the gun along with its rate of fire. On the other side, the instant headshot kills will still be there. It is possible that some players will still master it, but it will be significantly harder.

The other obvious option is to revert the price as Valve did to AUG earlier. This way is much easier. The only downside of it is that the possible way of getting a more unique weapon will be lost.

However, do the players really want something brand new and unique in the 19 years old game, except for maps? Honestly, we don’t believe so.