Vito “kNg” Giuseppe commented on the exemption from Immortals in a post on a Facebook page. The player told why the team was late for the final DreamHack Montreal, and explained why he roughly answered the joke of the Pujan “FNS” Mehta.

On the exclusion from the team

“When I returned to Brazil after DreamHack Montreal 2017, they told me that they would punish me, but they did not say how, we should have talked about this after the match against Counter Logic Gaming [on qualification for EPICENTER 2017]. Later I wrote in the team chat that I will play in this match, despite the jetlag.On 10 minutes Lucas came to “Steel” Lopez and said that I was suspended for a month.

I was angry, because none of the organization told me about it. After they lost the first card, Lucas “LUCAS1” Teles and Enrique “HEN1″ Teles were asked to join them on the next card. According to them, the main manager Nick Fen allowed me to play. In the end, this EPICENTER is a big tournament. I wanted to help the team, so I agreed to play, despite not feeling better. After the game, I saw a tweet of Noah Winstone [the owner of Immortals]. Soon he called, and said that I was no longer in the team. ”

About being late for the DreamHack Montreal final

“Rafael” zakk “Fernandez, HEN1, LUCAS1 and I played cards in the room of the twins and discussed the match with CLG. At one o’clock in the morning we went to our room. I’ll tell you the truth: I could not sleep all night, so I did not go to bed until 7:00 in the morning. We got up only at 9:30 and were already late for the match with CLG. After lunch we decided to rest. With the rest of the players we had to meet only at 15:30, because the final was scheduled for 17:00. Zakk felt bad, so he went to bed. Later, in the room where we watched the second semi-final, came HEN1.

He also fell asleep, and I was sitting in front of the monitor. Soon steel wrote that the final will be an hour after this match. I knew that the game will start before 17:00, but still decided to take a nap. Only the first card of the semifinal was going on – I was sure that I would have time to take a nap, and the time would remain. We zakk woke up at 15:30 and rushed into the arena. We got there in 10 minutes, but we were already late. We missed five minutes. They could have waited, but yes – rules are rules.

We were upset about everything that happened, and then all these jokes about the hangover. Yes, we like to have fun, but that night we were sober. Of course, I made a tough answer to such a lie. Previously, we were criticized for something that we did not commit. Play at tournaments because of the fact that someone overslept, of course, stupid. But to lose because someone was drunk at night is another. “