In the update for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive on March 15, a map of Canals, new models of terrorists Phoenix, case Spectrum Case was added to the game, and some bugs of sound and flaws in the maps were fixed.

Full list of changes:


– Added a new map – Canals. It is available in all game modes.

– Visually updated model of terrorists Phoenix.

– Added a new case – Spectrum Case. It features 17 items and a new generation of blades for knives.


– Improved game performance with HRTF mode.

– Fixed a bug where sometimes a grenade sound was not heard.


– Fixed a bug with the color of the teammates on the card when the player selected an invalid color for display using the console.

– The command cl_drawhud_force_radar has 3 values: -1 – the radar display is disabled, 0 – the standard display, 1 – display the radar, even if the rest of the HUD is disabled.

– The cl_drawhud_force_deathnotices command has 3 values: -1 – kill mapping disabled, 0 – standard display, 1 – show kill, even if the rest of the HUD is disabled.

– In the game settings, an option is added that includes a permanent display of the Team ID (cl_teamid_overhead_always).

– It is possible to disable the function on the server with the command sv_show_team_equipment_prohibit.

– Added a new bind – + cl_show_team_equipment. It allows you to see the purchased weapons and items from the allies.



– Reduced the angle at the entrance to the building from the lobby, which allows you to better view the point “A”. Now, shooting through the walls of the building causes more damage.

– Remove the 3 boxes from the blue container near the garage.

– Reduce the radius of the explosion from 500 to 400. (Thank you Na’Vi!)

– Have made the texture of the water outside the map deeper. (Thanks to hollandje!)


– Increased the arch on the length A from the side of the CT.


– Fixed some boosts.

– Handrails on the bridge near the starting position of terrorists are now being shot through.

– Fixed some places where the bomb could get stuck.


– Fixed some bugs.