Announced the second international tournament in the world on all continents for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, entitled The World Championships 2016. Venue has changed: Belgrade, Serbia. The budget has increased by 50 thousand dollars and the amount was along for traveling and accommodation costs 150 thousand dollars. Tournament teams of the world organize as well as last year’s eSports portal E-frag. But this year has changed sponsors. Sponsored by streaming platform Azubu. Event Level: Premier.
In the past 2015 in the month of October was held the first World Team Tournament World Counter-Strike. 79 countries participated in these competitions. The event was held at the Sava Center in Belgrade, Serbia, on which France has proved its right to be called the most powerful country in the world in e-sports for Counter-Strike.
The French national team – World Champion The World Championships 2015:

In 2016 this is expected to increase the number of participating countries at the Second international tournament. The six qualifying tournaments will be held on six continents:
Europe: 3 finalists take part in the Grand-final
North America: 1
South America: 1
Asia: 1
Africa: 1
Oceania: 1
Total, the final fall-8 member countries, instead of 16 in 2015. the final match will be held from 12 to 16 October 2016, a special studio organizer E-frag in Serbia.
Here is how the prize pool will be distributed among the winners (there is a change compared to last year):

For qualifying to start in April this year. All countries have the right to apply for participation. For this purpose, the organizers of the upgraded website, updating the design and shape of the pages. The procedure involves applying (first) elected a team captain, who will bring players into one national team to participate in the qualifying rounds.
That’s what T-shirts were prefabricated at the last tournament The World Championships in 2015.

Among the disadvantages of the tournament it is worth noting that not all the top teams of the world release their players for the tournament. Last year, the largest number of players gave the Titan team (4 players), Counter Logic Gaming (3 players), mousesports (3 players), and others. The Russian national team at the 2015 The World Championships took 3-4-th place with Sweden. Recall that the Polish team was second.
Yuri Donchenko