Sad news comes from the Russian organization “Team Empire”. Multigaming decided to say goodbye to their CS: GO-structure due to disappointing results. A few days ago, “Imperials” reported the departure of two key players: Romance “CyberFocus” Crake and Alexander “spiker” Ivanov. And today on the information from the organization’s official website has learned that “Team Empire” say goodbye to the discipline of CS: GO.

January 31 “Team Empire” announced the signing of five, which had the name – Rebels. This team made good on the first CIS-minor to MLG Columbus. Then the guys showed great game and lost only in the final team, “Gambit Gaming”, which eventually took the top 9-12 in the Major-tournament in Columbus. Later “Imperials” changed the composition, Ilya left the team, “the fix” Golovko, and came to replace the most experienced Ukrainian players – Emil “kucher” Akhundov. After that, the team is also joined by Sergey “spaz” Skripchik. And as a result in a completed composition: CyberFocus, spaz, electronic, kucher, spiker guys started at the CIS championship for the ticket to qualifying for the Major-Event – ESL One Cologne.

I would like to sum up the statements of the former CS: GO-ended “Team Empire: the players showed a great game, in the final lost Fluffy Gangsters and it is with” fluffy gangsters. “They went to the qualifying stage for the ESL One Cologne” Imperials “unfortunately lost two match and eventually finished his speech in Katowice, Poland where he passed qualification.

In its official comments novel “CyberFocus” Crake and Alexander “spiker” Ivanov thanked his former timeytov for the time spent and a good relationship with the organization parted. As for the remaining trio has “ex-Team Empire”, they decided to team up with two players “Fluffy Gangsters”: Leonid “chopper” Vishnyakov and Anatoly “liTTle” Yashin. Matches of the top five you will see very soon within 22 ESEA Premier Division season.

Five of the players from the newly formed “Team Empire” and “Fluffy Gangsters:

Emil “kucher” Akhundov

Denis “electornic” Sharipov

Sergei “spaz” Skripchik

Anatoly “liTTle” Yashin

Leonid “chopper” Vishnyakov