The captain of the Korean team MVP Project Sanvu “ARGENCY” Kwon in an interview with the cybersport portal spoke about the unpopularity of CS: GO in South Korea and the upcoming finals of the SL i-League StarSeries Season 3.

On the unpopularity of CS:GO in South Korea

“The situation is similar to the one when Counter-Strike 1.6 was popular all over the world. South Korea has always lacked the popularity, system and infrastructure for games from the Counter-Strike series. But when CS: GO literally blossomed and my favorite player GeT_RiGhT played as before, I decided to join the professional scene. In South Korea, mainly dominated by the League of Legends, StarCraft II and now Overwatch.

This means that the best players of the country decided to play in these disciplines. This makes the CS: GO-scene, players and competitions not as strong as they can be. All we can do is try our best to become competitive. “

About upcoming finals SL i-League StarSeries Season 3

“I’m very happy for our team, which is preparing for the finals. We do not have the opportunity to play against the best international teams, so we look forward to the tournament. <…> Obviously, most teams from Asia started competing later than other top teams, but I think that this will change with time. The increase in slots for Asia seems to be the best solution for the global popularity of the game, the creation of different language markets and the quality of content. Variety always brings more dynamics. “

About the team’s training process

“Our team trains from 16:00 until midnight with a break for dinner. We have a group chat with the main teams from Asia, where we find rivals. In this chat, about 20 teams from different countries. Once there was a good Korean team on Counter-Strike 1.6, which played under the tags of e-STRO, Wemade Fox and project_kr on the international scene. [Recently] she returned as MVP PK and trains with us in the gaming house. I would like to say that we both demonstrated rapid growth and, of course, a certain level of performance.”