Russian Cup in the disciplines of Dota 2, CS:GO and HearthStone. Summing up!

Completed Russian eSports Cup 2016 which was held in three disciplines. In Dota 2 was the strongest team FlipSid3, in CS: GO Baghlan took first place team in the tournament and won Hearthstone Osonodel. FlipSid3 beat an opponent with a whitewash and has won first place in the finals of the tournament Dota 2. Tt.Cascade1xBet remained in second position, and sQreen’s Squad Team Slark won the match for the third place – the score 3: 0 on the cards.

The distribution of the prize fund of the tournament for Dota 2:

  • FlipSid3 Tactics – 1 million rubles;
  • Tt.Cascade – 500 thousand rubles.
  • sQreen’s Squad – 250 thousand rubles.

Final tournament CS: GO ended with the score 3: 0. Baghlan and GCG are located on the first and second places, respectively, and the stack of Dmitriy «hooch» Bogdanov – TEAMSWAGYOLO – with a score of 3: 1 lost 5Frags.Ekb team was not able to get into the top-3.

The distribution of the prize fund of the tournament on CS:GO:

  • Baghlan – 1 million rubles;
  • GCG – 500 thousand rubles.
  • 5Frags.Ekb – 250 thousand rubles.

The most intense fighting was in the finals of the competition Hearthstone: Nikita «Osonodel» Dolgushevsky up to five draws beat Vitali «CreepyRain» Sorokin. In the match for third place Eugene «Hermit» Serebryakov won Anton «steelrat» Khomenko with the score 3: 1.

The distribution of the prize fund of the tournament at Hearthstone:

  • Nikita «Osonodel» Dolgushevsky – 200 thousand rubles.
  • Vitaly «CreepyRain» Sorokin – 100 thousand rubles.
  • Eugene «Hermit» Serebryakov – 50 thousand rubles..

LAN-finals of the Russian Cup cybersport took place in the Moscow club YOTASPACE from 20 to 22 January. Teams for CS: GO and played Dota 2 for 1.75 million rubles, Hearthstone players battled for 350 thousand rubles.. Matches commented Jaroslav «NS» Kuznetsov, Alex «yxo» Malecki and other staff RuHub studio.