On the growth of attention to e-sports in China is the fact that was announced a few days ago a new eSports League for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive – International Games League (IGL). The new league will be the budget for the current 2016 year nearly 200 000 dollars. It was organized by the two companies Tencent Sports and NiceTV.

Chinese team TyLoo expects invitations to the Spring season IGL

As the organizers say of International Games League each Season will include three stages: the qualifying round deprive IGL online and LAN-finals at the end of each season. In 2016 it is planned two seasons: Spring and Summer. In each season will be played at 270,000 yuan CNY, or about 42 thousand dollars. In general, all expenses for 2016 amount to 1,270,000 yuan CNY, or about 195 thousand dollars.

In an online-round of the new league will compete 16 teams from around the world with 4 teams in 4 groups. 8 teams will receive will be held by the organizers of the direct invitation of the League (Direct Invite), the remaining eight teams will contest a pre-selection competitions (Qualifiers).

To Playoff matches will take part the top 8 teams from the groups by 2 of each group. The top of the new International Games League will contest the final of the LAN-finals, which will take place in offline-format of matches. LANs on each of the Seasons go by 4 best teams.

The top two teams of each season will be invited by the organizers for the annual finals, which will be awarded an additional prize pool of 730,000 yuan CNY, or about 110 thousand dollars.

The distribution of the prize pool of each of two Seasons International Games League (IGL):

First place: 200 million yuan CNY(31 thousand dollars), plus an invitation to the annual finals.
Second place: 50 thousand yuan CNY (8000 dollars), plus an invitation to the annual finals.
3-4-th place of 10 million yuan CNY ($ 1,500)

About International Games League start of the spring season will be announced later.

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Yuri Donchenko